RealEx is the first real estate-backed cryptocurrency. RealEx has been created by the RealEx DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and aims to democratize real asset ownership and empower billions of people to participate in wealth creation through decentralized finance.
One of the key elements of tis social enterprise is the creation of the first steadycoin, a cryptocurrency backed by inflation-resistant hard assets (not fiat currency), which offers the potential of yield to the owners, and provides a medium of exchange. The RealEx steadycoin will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain under the symbol “REALEX”.
RealEx DAO will use its steadycoin to fund the acquisition of real estate and crypto assets, which provides the underlying value of the cryptocurrency. Proceeds are also used to support the continued development of the core technology platform (the “RealEx Protocol”) on behalf of the community.
The RealEx DAO will build the RealEx Protocol, which is an open source transaction and data layer built on Ethereum that will empower anyone to integrate their own assets or software into RealEx. The RealEx Protocol will be designed to be an app store for tokenizing real assets.
We invite you to become a member of the RealEx DAO community. Prior to the public release of our steadycoin, you can join the DAO, and receive a token award, by visiting our Discord or submitting an application at the site. Those interested in investing may find the site of interest.
The RealEx DAO will certainly evolve rapidly in the coming months and over the next few years. We invite you to be part of that process and join us for what could be a chance to bend the curve of economic history in the right direction.
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