Social Mission

The Global Student Debt Crisis

The RealEx DAO’s first social mission is to transform student debt into financial independence by awarding RealEx steadycoins to anyone across the globe who has student debt.
For centuries, inter-generational wealth has been created through real estate investing, yet over 70% of the nearly 45 million U.S. student debt holders, collectively holding $1.7 trillion in student debt, say they cannot afford a downpayment on a home due to their student debt. This social problem is preventing two generations of Americans from buying property or from participating in traditional financial markets.
Although the U.S. is the prime example of this crisis, it is no longer a uniquely American problem. As of late 2021, 1.3 million people in the UK hold a staggering £57 billion GBP in debt from education loans (equivalent to $78 billion USD). India is also encountering a similar crisis, with high levels of student loan debt, and young people are increasingly defaulting on their loan repayments.
“Federal student loans dangle the opportunity of access to higher education, but the ensuing debt undermines the benefit such education is supposed to provide,” argue Dalie Jimenez & Jonathan D. Glater in their research report on student debt. These benefits include financial security and wealth creation. As legislators and leaders across the globe have been unable to effectively address this crisis, the problem will continue to persist.
The RealEx DAO community recognized that the same global demographic of student debt holders have been driving digital disruption in the financial sector investing heavily in cryptocurrencies which are accessible, convenient, and affordable investment options. Especially for those who have been traditionally excluded.
However, crypto’s volatility has led to this demographic’s growing demand for a safer digital asset that has stability and longevity. RealEx DAO’s asset-backed cryptocurrency will provide them with just that: the upside of crypto with the safety of hard assets. This new DeFi application will usher in a new generation of investing, ultimately empowering everyone, even those traditionally excluded, to get on the path to wealth creation by investing in crypto real estate.

RealEx DAO’s Plans to Transform Student Debt into Financial Independence

The RealEx DAO plans to launch a program through its foundation (the “RealEx Foundation”), which is designed to help people transform their student debt into financial independence. When student debt holders join the DAO community and actively participate, they will receive RealEx steadycoins. The hope is that these individuals will eventually have the opportunity to get ahead as the value of their real estate-backed cryptocurrency potentially grows over time.
The RealEx Foundation has been allocated 10 million RealEx steadycoins to be transferred to any student debt holders around the world who join the RealEx DAO community, provided that they:
  • Apply to become a community member of the RealEx DAO;
  • Are over 18 years old and provide contact information;
  • Have a valid student loan or are currently enrolled in a university or technical
  • Provide a cryptocurrency wallet in which they can receive tokens; and
  • Actively contribute to the RealEx DAO by providing some kind of service (services
    may include completing surveys, responding to information requests regarding real RealEx DAO project interests and potential venture suggestions, etc.).
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