RLX Improvement Proposal Process

Proposal Process

Proposal Creation -> Proposal Review -> Proposal Community Vote -> Proposal Execution

Proposal Creation

The writing of RLXIP requires contributors to have expertise and knowledge necessary to provide detailed information, documentation, and financial analysis on which the broader RealEx DAO members can make a decision. The goal is that there should be no low-quality proposal made.

Proposal Review

Submit to forum - (Tools decision: Discourse) This should go to the “real estate working group” for review after it passes the proposal ingestion process This team can consist of as many people as the DAO needs.
Who is the audience? What do they do? What is the condition for the proposal to move forward to the next step?

Proposal Community Vote

Once an RLXIP passes the review step, it is eligible for voting by the broader community.
Tools decision: Use snapshot for voting / Conviction voting

Proposal Execution

Once an RLXIP is approved for processing, the team will carry out plan. For example in the case of a RLXIP-A proposal, the real estate desk will execute the property acquisition and report the status to the community.

Proposal Types

RealEx Proposal process covers the following major areas of improvement.
  • Assets (RLXIP-A)
  • Protocol (RLXIP-P)
  • Growth (RLXIP-Gr)
  • General Proposals (RLXIP-Ge)

RealEx Proposal - Asset (RLXIP-A)

One of the main processes for the RealEx DAO is related to the acquisition of real estate. This is known as the RealEx Proposal - Assets (RLXIP-A). These proposals can be submitted at any time by community members, or in response to a general call for RXIP-A proposals, or related to job board item. The proposal process is as follows:
It is expected that the creation of RLXIP-A will likely require people with the following skills (call for real estate expertise or skills) real estate analyst including experience in property operations, market analysis, comparable valuation processes, creation of development plans, and possibly either a real estate broker, real estate appraiser, real estate developer, or real estate investment manager.
A proposal must contain at a minimum the following documents before they can be submitted for review:
  • Proposal People
    • Lead/Submitter
    • Other contributors and roles
  • Supporting materials
    • Property description, including title report or similar to verify ownership
    • Development and operations plan Market analysis and summary
    • List of key contractors, services providers, managers involved in day to day operations Rental rolls or historical rental performance
    • Inspection reports
    • Current appraisal
    • Agreements attached to the property, or inherent to the development plan, for example, management contracts, sales contracts, listing agreements, construction contracts
    • Any permits related to the development of the property
    • All engineering reports, studies, and research required for the property development plan
  • Scoring
    • Financial Score >This is outlined in the whitepaper.
    • An ESG scoring report for the property Proposal team