RealEx is the first real estate-backed cryptocurrency. RealEx has been created by the RealEx DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which aims to democratize real asset ownership and empower billions of people to participate in wealth creation through decentralized finance.
One of the key elements of this social enterprise is the creation of the first steadycoin, a cryptocurrency backed by inflation-resistant hard assets (not fiat currency), which offers the potential of yield to the owners, and provides a medium of exchange. The RealEx steadycoin will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain under the symbol “REALEX”.
The RealEx DAO will use its steadycoin to fund the acquisition of real estate and crypto assets, which provides the underlying value of the cryptocurrency. Proceeds are also used to support the continued development of the core technology platform (the “RealEx Protocol'') on behalf of the community.
The RealEx DAO will share any proceeds from crypto and real estate staking with the community of steadycoin owners. Based on historical staking operations and modeling, the estimated yield is 10+% per year, in addition to the expected long- term growth in value of the underlying assets, and change in steadycoin price. The parameters are governed by the RealEx DAO through coordination and consensus from the community, and not decided upon by a single person.
The RealEx DAO will build the RealEx Protocol, which is an open source transaction and data layer built on Ethereum that will empower anyone to integrate their own assets or software into RealEx. The RealEx Protocol will be designed to be an app store for tokenizing real assets.
The RealEx steadycoin is a system of smart contracts. These are:
  • The RealEx steadycoin (REALEX) - A standard ERC20 token that can be integrated into any DeFi product and protocol.
  • The RealEx Governance token (REALEX-G) - A token providing governance rights over decisions in the DAO. This is a non-transferrable token.
  • The RealEx Asset NFTs (REALEX-NFT) - A non-fungible token representing real assets under management by the DAO.
  • The RealEx Asset Vault - A set of smart contracts coordinating the assets held in the vault and the issuance of REALEX tokens as a representation of those assets.
    The interaction of these components, their impact on the marketplace, and their ability to create massive social impact is the focus of this whitepaper. This whitepaper, which is a living document, will be updated at regular intervals by the DAO community.
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